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FITGov covers all things related to governing advanced technology before it governs us.  The FITGov Summit is the must-attend for any federal professional engaged in adopting, governing, advancing, and securing advanced technology, particularly related to artificial intelligence.  FITGovDATA is designed to address the challenges and emerging questions around how data is used by and in, AI.

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The FITGov summit

The FITGov Summit provides a comprehensive peer-to-peer collaboration to discuss the latest strategy, mandates, developments, and requirements around adopting advanced technology, particularly artificial intelligence. Hosted annually in early summer, the Summit provides the latest developments for those engaged in federal efforts to govern and use AI and machine learning.



FITGovDATA, FITGov's latest collaboration, in partnership with Google, delves into the uses and needs surrounding the data used to feed AI.  Big data analytics can leverage AI for better analysis while AI needs massive scale data to learn and improve its response.

FITGovDATA explores:

  • top data tools and technologies used to leverage the ever-increasing volume and variety of data
  • the tools to improve operations and deliver faster
  • securing and safeguarding information, maintaining trust, preserving privacy, and ensuring the integrity of AI decision-making processes
  • regulations and compliance in data security
  • data standardization
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